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By far, Sheryl was the most talented grants writer I ever had the pleasure of having on my team. She was proactive, organized, detail oriented, deadline driven, and she had a way of writing and constructing grant proposals that made the programs and services really come alive on paper. (T.O.)

We are immensely pleased with your progress over our first collaborative year. We believe we are leagues ahead of where we were in foundation grant seeking, grant-worthy program proposal development, funder relationship building, and board engagement in the process. We commend you on your knowledge, ability to disseminate that knowledge, tenacity, thoroughness, and patience with our ignorance of grant seeking. You have gone above and beyond what we envisioned you would do for us. (S.J.)

Sheryl quickly developed an understanding of [our] organizational structure, mission, programs, and financial needs. As a highly skilled researcher, she has identified hundreds of potential funding sources that are aligned with [our] programs and priorities. She is adept at managing multiple grant writing projects at any given time and completing them on time, despite often tight time frames… [H]er communications with funders are always professional and gracious. Sheryl is highly organized and has developed her own system for tracking opportunities and their submission deadlines, to ensure that we do not miss an application opportunity… Although Sheryl works remotely from [our] offices… she has forged excellent working relationships with other members of [our] team. (J.S.)

I am very pleased with the research you have done. It is very clear and very focused in our area. It has exceeded my expectations! Thank you for your good work! (J.W.-D.)

You did a great job on the grant! It’s amazing the amount of time and energy you put in it, definitely going ‘way beyond the call of duty. THANK YOU on behalf of all of us. (M.E.)

I have found Sheryl to be prompt and responsible, with quick turnaround…and no missed deadlines. Her writing skills are top-notch and her research is thorough and complete… Her grants are well-written and persuasive, while also doing an excellent job of “selling” agencies to funders… Ms. Kaplan explains each step clearly, always striving to help the client understand the funding process. She has an exceptional ability to interpret funding guidelines. It is my opinion that our clients finish a proposal with a better understanding of not only the funding process, but how better to communicate their mission, goals and objectives to those not directly involved in their agency. (L.F.)

I have found her to be conscientious, detail-oriented, and able to plan her work in advance to meet deadlines. She has a true concern for the social issues facing individuals and families in our community. (V.T.)

I was very happy in our working relationship. You offered a great deal to my understanding of nonprofits’ responsibilities of Boards of Directors…You have been an asset to the agency in more than just fundraising. You have assisted the agency in positioning itself for growth and professionalism. (N.L.)

As the first employee in our 14-year history to focus exclusively on foundation and corporate solicitation, Ms. Kaplan was highly successful in solidifying this component of our development effort. She directly secured 56 grants for our children’s and family service programs, identified numerous new sources of funding for the agency, and significantly strengthened our relationships with funders. (M.B.)

Truly a special thanks to you, Sheryl. The proposal you submitted demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to detail. That’s why you are so successful! I truly appreciate your hard work on behalf of the clients we will serve. Thanks again. (D.E.)

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